Family Portraits- details

I want to plan a relaxed session, with little posing, and a lot more of you being you- so we capture the memories of this time of life, just as it is Xx

Many parents worry about their children behaviour. I completely understand it as these little forces of nature couldn’t be less predictable, but I assure you this is the last thing you should think about and here are the reasons.

I don’t expect children to follow instructions!

Children are unpredictable, and outgoing children can be a bit shy, whilst others surprise us by being the camera king! I make sure to give you all time to warm up to me, and the camera lens &light (if needed)- I prefer to use a static led light panel over a flash which is often too much for children.

The best way to get expressions that really reflect your child is to plan a session in an environment that your family are comfortable in- your living room, back garden, the local park- there’s so many lovely backgrounds just waiting out there!

Babies: Don’t worry if they need to drink or change, or snuggles- it’s all part of the journey- we will have some photos of your wonderful child- I just give time and you give them whatever they need to be soothed and they soon cheer up

Children: there’s no way young children take much direction, and that’s totally fine- the spontaneity is such fun and it’s part of the magic of childhood!

I suggest you you prepare their favourite toys, snacks, and clothes that they like to wear- snacks can always lighten the mood, and I would always prefer to shoot in a place where the children are happy- if they’re safe and relaxed I will more easily be able to capture their personality.

Not sure yet? Then everyday life collection may be for you

If you’re not sure that your family are that keen on having photos taken but you’d still love to have some memories, then I reccomend I come for photograph everyday activities that you love (crafting, family games, a tea party, story time…anything you can come up with). If everyone is feeling mroe relaced that photo shoot will feel more like family day out and helps me capture everyone’s best side.

Joy, chaos, constant noise and laundry: a family: priceless!

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