Hello, I’m Alice!

With photography I am SUCH a people person-I love taking photos of people, of pretty things, special moments, fun and laughter- from weddings to work events- there’s beauty in capturing your memories. I like to work with natural light where I can, and am always up for creative poses if there’s something you’d particularly like. I’m very personable so people quickly relax around me.

Key facts about me:

  • I am expressive and I love all the colours of the rainbow.
  • Marrying my husband was the happiest day of my life.
  • I cry at all weddings, even when I’m photographing them, the emotions get me, and I try to channel the love into the photographs.
  • I have lost a lot of weight this year following a gastric bypass and am really getting into being healthy, happy and strong with biking & weightlifting.
  • I love the mindfulness of gardening- listen to the birds chirping and the wind rustling whilst I tend my garden on a summer evening gives me real joy.
  • Like most of us 99% of pics of me are just my phone on selfie mode! If you’re another photographer reading this then I’d love to swap photo sessions with you!!

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